Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Let's Begin The Reawakening Together!

Let's Begin The Reawakening Together!

Help me to get the best out of this Blog.

Before I start publishing my work on various topics that are relevant to this Blog, I would like to give you all a short insight into how best you could make use of this blog and the articles in it, and also how all you wonderful readers could be an active part of this Blog and “The Awakening” as a whole.

Considering such a wide range of topics that I would be covering, I first had an idea of tagging the posts with numbers like The Awakening - 1 – (And then the Topic of the post) as it would not only give me an insight into the number of posts on this blog, but also highlight the core topic of the post. 

On review I again decided to hit the standard procedure of having the Core subject of the post only showing up in the Title of the Post so it becomes easier for the reader to identify and link to immediately. I would be certainly having Post Labels or Tags that show up in the side panel where the core topic of the post shows up, and in case there is a sequel to that core subject it will carry a number. So in actual state it would be a combination of the first option and second option. I will illustrate this with an example below.

Let us consider I am writing a post on “Introspection – the Key to a Balanced Life” – the title of the post would be the same and I would have a post tag like “Introspection” seen in the tags and also the side panel box. However if I would be writing a sequel of posts which would cover something like my own Diary of events which are related to a specific topic I would post it as “My Diary – 1 – The Realization” or the specific subject of that particular post, and it would be followed by my next post “My Diary – 2 – (Topic of the next post in continuity with the earlier post), and duly tagged with the keyword like “My Diary, The Realization, etc as needful, so it anyone wanting to read all the posts in “My Diary” can just click on the relevant tags in the side panel Box where it enlists the Post Tags or Post labels. 

I would like to remind my readers that this Blog is an exhaustive collection of very sensitive and personally attached issues, events, topics, happenings around the world, which is a tough ask to cover. In this event I would like my readers to feel free to write to me if they would like to cover any specific topic of their interest, and added to it I will be honored to have any of you send me your writings on any subject or topic if you have written one. It will be my privilege to guest publish it in my blog with due credits to you in the post as I want this Blog to be an experience worth remembering. 

I have often seen fantastic articles posted in Social Media Platforms and pages; which very few people have access to for various reasons. Many who publish these posts or articles are not aware of the restrictions or limitations in the settings of the viewership in that whether they would like it to be public or only for friends etc, and this deprives the readers of amazing content. I would certainly like to include such posts in my Blog with due credit to those who have posted it for the benefit of the readers. 

It has always been my motto and sincere effort to only bring to the readers the best of the content from all around us, without any personal gain or claims of credit to myself. My only intention is that we empower our reading with quality content, get aware of topics, subjects events in life which we may or may not have access to, and that could make a big difference in our lives. 

For this reasons I have specifically created a separate email for this Blog which is - and you can all forward your content, comments, suggestions, and views very freely to this mail which will make it easier to give you all my best.  

You can Follow me on Twitter at -

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In fact you should subscribe to my RSS Feed from the top of my Blog where it has the options to subscribe through your email as well so every time I have a new post published you will be intimated and you will not miss out on any content. 

The comments, views, suggestions, of my valuable readers are very important for me so please feel free to write to me and let us all make “The Awakening” a success not only as a Blog but as serious moment for true Awakening of  ourselves. 

Looking forward to a very emotional and sensitive association with you all. 

Your Blessings, Best wishes and motivation is solicited as always.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Reawakening - A Preview

The Reawakening - A Preview

The Reawakening is a collection of musings, writings, finds, quotes, anecdotes, live events; not only from daily life but from Scriptures, Chronicles, and notations by Writers, Saints, Leaders, Philosophers, and even the common man, which can become a source of true reawakening of the self when reviewed in the deepest sense of understanding. All it requires is a sincere introspection of ourselves and the readiness to change.

Life is a myriad collection as well as a challenge of various situations, circumstances, experiences, and constant knowledge empowerment. But as we are so proud in calling ourselves the "Intelligent Being" among other life forms, we often forget to or rather overlook the fact that we do little introspection of our lives, and experiences. We are met daily with a barrage of experiences in various forms as explained in my paragraph above, but we never tend to give them a serious thought and try to bring about a change in ourselves and our life around us. 

What we are going to experience through this blog is a unimaginable exposure to content, live event experiences, happenings, and all forms of intellectual media which we often tend to neglect, under the very qualms of being "intelligent". In fact it is an underlying insecurity to accepting the defects and flaws in our very being, and character, that holds us back from unraveling the mysteries of the positives that we are missing. 

This blog will be a bold attempt to ravage all those forms of media and content which may sound outrageous or a bit harsh to the normal human as we are not used to facing the truth in its bare form. My sincere request to all readers to read, absorb and understand the finer points of the content of the posts and you will see the underlying truth in each of them. 

As always this a daunting task and I solicit the Blessings, Best Wishes, and motivation of all readers in this endeavor. Your suggestions, comments, and views are invaluable to me and I will highly appreciate your posting the same, in an effort to make this blog an experience of a Lifetime.